One-Button Operation

frontend-enIn the frontend you always set a time stamp with the same big button. It remembers which time stamp you have used recently and suggests the next stamp type. That's why the next time stamp will be working time when you've had a break before.

Flextime Account

With the flextime account you can always see at a glance, how many hours do you currently have as compensatory time available or how many hours you have to catch up yet.

Extensive Backend

backend-enIn the backend all time stamps are listed in different views. New time stamps can be added, deleted or existing ones can be altered.


statistics-enIn the weekly and daily time stamp view, TimeStamps provides small statistics for a better overview. "How much overtime I've done this week?", "How long have I been on a business trip?" - The statistics provide the kind of information you want.

Keep Your Working Times Always in Sight

clock-enThe frontend display allows you to display different states: current time, working time, break time, etc. You can change the display type with a single tap. Also, the expected end of work is displayed and updated on the fly.

Individual Tags

Each time stamp can be assigned a tag from a self-created list. Each tag can of course be changed later, hidden, modified in order or deleted.


export-enAll time stamps can be exported as HTML attachment or as a CSV file. These time stamps can be processed with any time management system.


settings-enNot everyone is working from nine to five, five days a week. Therefore, TimeStamps can be configured individiually. Each weekday of a standard working week can be set. Work and break time can be defined for each day.