New features for the time recording classic

"TimeStamps" Learns Some New Tricks

Since June 2011 "Time Stamps" is available in the AppStore and has been downloaded over 80,000 times since then. Many satisfied users use the simple and straightforward app every day and keep track of their hours worked. And not only the users of "TimeStamps" are thrilled about the app, the press is excited, too. In the AppStore, the app has been already "Editor's Choice" - twice. In its category, "TimeStamps" came to #2 and remained for weeks in the Top 40 of the German apps. Now a new version is released, which expands the capabilities of the app again, and not only that - "timestamp" is available until the end of August for only 79 cents.

Since June 2011 "TimeStamps" is the constant companion of many employees: Because to keep track of how much time is used for the company, there is hardly a better tool. Gone are the days of scraps of paper, self-made Excel spreadsheets or expensive specialized software. With "TimeStamps" it's fast and easy to keep track of working hours and overtime. Many freelancers use the tool for their projects to account more easily.

Daily and weekly statistics that give information about the average working time or overtime are included as well as vacation days, sick days or holidays. And if one has forgotten to record a time, it can be made up of course. Incorrect entries can be corrected as well and the type of booking can be changed, too. The hours worked can be sent directly by e-mail in a nice summary to you via the Export function – or of course directly to the manager.

Individual configuration is very important for a time tracking app. Every day of a default work week can be set individually – so you can work e.g. shorter on Fridays or even non-stop. The trick here is that these default times are not applied afterwards. A change from a 40 to a 37.5 hour work week, which happens quite often, still shows at the correct values for the previous weeks.

Now there is a new version of the time recording classic with enhanced functionality: In addition to many small improvements, there is now a complete flextime management for overtime including correction capability and days of in lieu to get rid of overtime again. It also allows to create custom tags for time stamps with different colors and labels, ideal to tell different projects or work packages apart.

The new version retains the much acclaimed high usability. For the two makers of Zyanik, Oliver Jourdant and Georg Graf, this is always their top priority. "TimeStamps" will never be just a big set of features that barely one uses - or even can use. New features are always added with extreme care to the user interface. The new features have been integrated so elegant that some might notice them only at second glance.

And the currently 80,000 users are just the beginning. Therefore, "TimeStamps" is now available for only 99 cents in the App Store until the September 2nd, 2012 – then the app will cost 2.99 $, which is a very good price considering the features included.

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August 27th, 2012